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  • LOMP ft. John Wall Barger

    LOMP ft. John Wall Barger

    Wednesday, June 5 at 6:30 PM

    John Wall Barger’s poems have appeared in American Poetry Review, Rattle, The Cincinnati Review, Poetry Ireland Review, and Best of the Best Canadian Poetry. His fourth book, The Mean Game, is coming out with Palimpsest Press in spring 2019. He grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and is currently an editor for Painted Bride Quarterly.

    To sample John's work, visit

    LOMP is grateful to the London Arts Council and TAP Centre for Creativity for their support of this series.

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  • Michael Bidner: Raw Catalogue Launch

    Michael Bidner: Raw Catalogue Launch
    Saturday, May 25, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

    London artist Michael Bidner (1944-1989) was a pioneer of print media in Canada. However, he remains largely absent from the national art narrative. His innovative contributions to printmaking, mail art, and xerography were informed by the world of commercial art, magazine publishing, and imagery from the gay community and the punk scene during the 1970s and 80s.

    He famously acquired the first colour Xerox machine in Canada directly from the company itself and went on to host an all night print party in the basement of McIntosh Gallery at Western University. Throughout his short career Bidner, who died of AIDS in 1989, created an extraordinary and dynamic body of work that foreshadowed later developments in alternative culture.

    An early proponent of the zine movement, his publications 'Adz', 'Rag' and 'RUDE' were characterized by their bold, irregular, and hilarious content. His innovative work in the gay community and the marginalized communities of DIY print production continue to resonate in current artistic practices, demonstrating the prescience of his work.

    This catalogue is published in conjunction with the first retrospective of Bidner’s work, 'Michael Bidner: Raw', curated by Jason Dickson and presented at McIntosh Gallery, London, Ontario, from January 25 to March 24, 2018, and Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia from January 18 to March 15, 2020.
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  • B&D Zine Fair!

    B&D Zine Fair!

    Sat May 25, 7:00pm

    We're launching the Michael Bidner McIntosh Gallery catalogue that night from 7-9pm (by wunderkind - his words - Jason Dickson) so it is DEEPLY appropriate that we celebrate by having A ZINE FAIR IN THE AFTERNOON! Join us in the shop for the coolest kids and artworks from the depths of zinebrain and zineheart where on FOLDING TABLES we present artwork from the bleeding edge of craft and stapling. Will there be Popsicles? Probably? Will there be cookies? Most likely? Will there be amazing people and their amazing work? ABSOLUTELY!

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  • Saffron A + Wax Mannequin Resilience Tour

    Saffron A + Wax Mannequin Resilience Tour

    Sat May 11, 7:00pm

    Come celebrate the release of Saffron A’s newest release, Resilience! Saffron A is a songwriter who sings and plays the octave mandolin and mandocello. Her compositions are challenging for the listener, her lyrics are emotionally intimate, yet she is a personable entertainer. She paints deep, dark, verbal portraits with broad strokes of wit and authenticity that belie her years.

    Wax Mannequin has honed his weird, folk-punk anthems over years of travel and tribulation. His songs are dark and thoughtful at times, pounding and ridiculous at others…or all of these things at once.

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  • Poetry Workshop with Doyali Islam

    Poetry Workshop with Doyali Islam

    Wed May 1, 4:00pm

    Curious to know firsthand what goes through the mind of a poetry editor? Unsure of what to do or not do in your submission? Meet Arc Poetry Magazine's Poetry Editor Doyali Islam, and hear her talk about a few poems that were recently accepted for publication in the magazine, and why. You'll also have the chance to ask her questions about any part of the general submission process or about the Poem of the Year (POTY) contest submission process that you'd like more clarity on.

    Doyali Islam's second poetry book is _heft_ (McClelland & Stewart, 2019). Poems from this lyrical and innovative collection have been published in Kenyon Review Online, The Fiddlehead, and Best Canadian Poetry, and have won several national awards and prizes. Doyali serves as the poetry editor of Arc Poetry Magazine and lives in Toronto. In 2017, she was a guest on CBC Radio's The Sunday Edition. Recently, she and Anne Michaels discussed language, form, beauty, and empathy in CV2 magazine (Spring 2019), and she and Forrest Gander discussed grief, art-making, and poetry ethics in The Adroit Journal (Issue 27).

    This workshop is free and open to the public.

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  • TAP Centre for Creativity ‎Animation Night Spotlight

    TAP Centre for Creativity ‎Animation Night Spotlight

    Thu Apr 25, 6:00pm

    Returning to Animation Night with her latest projects is artist Sarah Legault. Joining Sarah is Sebastian Di Trolio who dug into his film archive to select a collection of Canadian animation to screen. This is a rare treat so join us as Sarah and Sebastian present and talk about film. The host of this event is Jason Dickson, writer and co-owner of Brown & Dickson.

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