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All Citizens by Serena McCarroll


In 2006, two artists fled the high cost of living in Vancouver and moved to a place where they knew absolutely nobody, Bruno, Saskatchewan, population 500. They set up a storefront building in which they housed their own unique brand of cafe / art shop / community centre / music venue called All Citizens from 2007-2011. McCarroll kept a blog called Going Rural of her travels and experiences moving and setting up shop. This blog (text and photographs) forms a significant chapter of the All Citizens art book and serves as an introduction to Saara Liinamaa's essay on rural interventions. The documentation (in text, interviews, and photographs) of the artistic practice of three local senior women formed McCarroll's MFA thesis project in the Documentary Media Program at Ryerson and constitutes another significant chapter. Cartoonist David Collier visits one of these women in Bruno and provides a comic essay in his own style. Also contributing is artist Jason McLean. But the heart of the All Citizens project was the store itself, a meeting place, shop, cultural centre, music venue and all things in between. It was the ultimate culmination of a DIY aesthetic forged onto a rural landscape.

Conundrum Press, 2012.
ISBN: 9781894994637. 160 pp.
Includes Bonus CD: Daniel, Fred, and Julie: Live at All Citizens.
Hardcover. Near fine.

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