The Beaverton Presents Glorious and/or Free: The True History of Canada by Luke Gordon Field

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The Beaverton has quickly become the funniest--and most biting--source of Canadian satire. Its headlines have been misinforming Canadians across the country (and world), while also providing some of the most insightful social commentary found anywhere. Now, in its first book, The Beaverton looks back over Canada's past to tell the story of how we became the ridiculous nation we are today. 

Through the lens of the venerable Beaverton, one of the country's oldest and proudest newspapers, the editors share the headlines and news stories that defined the times. From the earliest days of independence ("Paternity Test Confirms John A. Actual Father of Confederation") to war heritage ("Vimy Ridge: Canada Becomes a Nation After Killing Germans for Britain on French Soil") and right up to the 21st century ("Peter McKay sends Make-Up, High Heels to Oppressed Women in Afghanistan")--this is history like you've never seen it.

Part mock-history, part fake-scrapbook, Glorious and/or Free is a hilarious and entertaining stab at our national myths and legends. And, like all great satire, it's funny because it's true.

Penguin Canada: 2017.
ISBN: 9780735233294. 208 pp.
Softcover. Very good.