Earth, Animal, and Disability Liberation: The Rise of Eco-Ability

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This provocative and groundbreaking book is the first of its kind to propose the concept of Eco-ability: the intersectionality of the ecological world, persons with disabilities, and nonhuman animals. Rooted in disability studies and rights, environmentalism, and animal advocacy, this book calls for a social justice theory and movement that dismantles constructed «normalcy», ableism, speciesism, and ecological destruction while promoting mutual interdependence, collaboration, respect for difference, and inclusivity of our world. Eco-ability provides a positive, liberating, and empowering philosophy for educators and activists alike.

Peter Lang, 2012.
ISBN: 9781433115066. 257 pp.
Edited by Anthony J Nocella, Judy K C Bentley and Janet M Duncan.
Softcover. Very good.
Notes in pencil.