The Discovery Of The Asylum: Social Order And Disorder In The New Republic by David J. Rothman

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This reissue of a classic study addresses a core concern of social historians and criminal justice professionals: Why in the early nineteenth century did a single generation of Americans resort for the first time to institutional care for its convicts, mentally ill, juvenile delinquents, orphans, and adult poor? Rothman's compelling analysis links this phenomenon to a desperate effort by Jacksonian society to instill a new social order as it perceived the loosening of family, church, and community bonds. As debate persists on the wisdom and effectiveness of these inherited solutions, The Discovery of Asylum offers a fascinating reflection on our past as well as a source of inspiration for a new century of students and professionals in criminal justice, corrections, social history, and law enforcement as they shape arguments for the reform of prisons and mental hospitals.

Little, Brown, 1971.
ISBN: 9780316757713. 376 pp.
Softcover. Very good.