I Was a 1950's Pin-Up Model: From the Collection of Mark Rotenberg

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As the 1950's began, exploitation magazines were filled with ads for sexy pin-up photos. Many fans and collectors are familiar with the pix of Bettie Page and the Irving Klaw studio, but what became of all the others - professional, semi-professional, and amateur? "I Was A 1950's Pin-Up Model" answers that question with over 250 photos which show the full range of now-nostalgic sexual tease. While rated PG by today's standards, these photos were hot stuff some forty years ago, and millions of them were sold by mail order. Now for the first time, Shake Books has gathered them together for an eye-opening look at what got your father twitchy when he returned from WW II. So revel in the glory days of pin-up photography and enter the once-forbidden world of "I Was A 1950's Pin-Up Model."

Shake Books, 1995.
ISBN: 9780962683374. 95 pp.
Many Illus.
Edited by Alan Betrock.
Softcover. Near fine.