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We are a community-oriented independent used bookstore. This means we provide a place to get great quality reading material, but also a platform for cultural contributors in our community such as:

Poets & Writers
Artists & Thespians
Activist Groups
Your contributions help us pay them to make and share their artwork!

*More Patreon perks coming as we adjust to our new normal*

Our Patreon supporters benefit from monthly discounts, exclusive sales, and Patreon-only access and rates for performances and lectures. Best of all, every penny you put into our Patreon you get back in quality used books, delivered to you free

As a Patron, every cent you pledge + 50% goes into a book credit just for you that rolls over every month. You can use your book fund/credit towards merchandise of any kind, or give it away to friends and family. We'll keep track of it in store, so there's no annoying little piece of paper you have to keep in your wallet. You can access your balance any time by logging into our website. 

Look for PATREON ONLY: Live-streamed events, sales, promotions, giveaways, and other benefits.

Most of all, thank you for supporting our local, independent shops and helping to protect culture! Reading makes the world a better place. Spread knowledge. Be kind. Supports art and culture, and no matter what, support an indie business near you. 

Jason & Vanessa