Devil's Picnic: Around The World In Pursuit Of Forbidden Fruit by Taras Grescoe

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Award-winning writer Taras Grescoe admits that he has always been fascinated by the forbidden. Never one to deny his desires, he set out on a global journey, determined to track down the foods and substances that killjoy governments have often bizarrely prohibited. The result is a spread like no other: an aperitif of hjemmebrent, a powerful Norwegian moonshine; a wedge of Époisses, a stinky French cheese that can carry a brain-swelling bacteria; a cup of restorative Bolivian cocaine tea; and a host of legendary and sought-after substances that Grescoe risks health and jail time to dig in to. Grescoe takes us with him around the world to sample damned food, drink and smoke, along the way serving up a unique and irreverent feast of unsavoury characters and customs. The culmination is a deliciously decadent full-course meal for those brave enough to lay down a blanket, open the basket and partake of the devil’s picnic.

Harper Collins, 2006.
ISBN: 9780002007801. 360 pp.
Hardcover. Near fine in a near fine jacket.