The Attack on the Mill and Other Stories by Emile Zola

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These stories are offered together for the first time in English translation. They cover a period of more than 30 years, and were originally published in French periodicals and in Russia. Zola's racy tone is faithfully rendered by Parmee whose translations have been highly acclaimed.

Contents: The Girl Who Loves Me; Rentafoil; Death by Advertising; Story of a Madman; Big Michu; The Attack on the Mill; Captain Burle; The Way People Die; Coqueville on the Spree; A Flash in the Pan; Dead Men Tell No Tales; Shellfish for Monsieur Chabre; Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder; Priests and Sinners; Fair Exchange; The Haunted House.

Oxford University Press: 1985.
ISBN: 9780192815996. 384 pp.
Paperback. Good+.