The Unpierced Heart, or, The Whores' Asylum by Katy Darby

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We’re in Oxford, it’s 1887, and a stone’s throw away from the calm cloisters and college spires lies Jericho, a maze of seedy streets and ill-lit taverns, haunted by drunkards, thieves and the lowest sort of brazen female.

When, in this den of Victorian inequity, a student of medicine is persuaded to volunteer at a shelter devoted to reforming fallen women, his closest friend feels a gnawing sense of dread. But even he - who has experienced the devastating effect of falling in love with the wrong woman first hand - cannot foresee the macabre and violent events that will unfold around them.

Penguin: 2012.
ISBN: 9780241954225. 336  pp.
Softcover. Very good.