High Theory / Low Culture by Colin MacCabe

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The traditional valuation of the arts in terms of an elite culture defined by a minority audience and an exclusive tradition has been challenged by a whole variety of work which has asserted the importance of the great popular forums of the twentieth century: film, television and recorded music. This work has developed alongside the other main new impetus in the humanities, an interest in critical theory and the foregrounding of problems of interpretation. Although these two areas' work have have often overlapped they have yet to be brought into a truly productive relationship. The aim of the seminar in which this volume originated was to bring together the study of popular culture and critical theory in an effort to transform them both productively. The essays in this volume include work by the most exciting young researchers from both sides of the Atlantic. Contributors include Simon Frith, Tanya Modleski, Gillian Skirrow, Laura Mulvey, and Colin MacCabe. 

New York : St. Martin's Press,1986.
ISBN: 9780312372309. 180 pp.
Softcover. Very good.