Jungian Analysis edited by Murray Stein

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Jungian analysis is a dynamic and expanding field with a growing following as well as an increasing influence among American psychotherapists. Jungian Analysis, edited by Murray Stein, has become recognized as the definitive handbook of Jungian analytic practice in America. It has been widely used to train Jungian analysis and to introduce other therapists to Jungian techniques. All the contributions are written in a direct and comprehensible style suitable for the general reader who wants to be informed of contemporary Jungian thinking. This second edition of Jungian Analysis has been completely revised and updated to reflect recent changes in Jungian practice. The book now comprises 18 definitive and up-to-date essays, by 19 eminent Jungian authorities, on specific aspects of Jungian analysis. Each writer is a Jungian analyst currently practicing in the U.S.; each contribution presents the history and state of the art on the chosen topic, with recommended further reading.

Shambhala, 1984.
ISBN: 9780394723334. 411 pp.
Introduction by June K. Singer.
Softcover. Very good.