Bibliographia Malebranchiana: A Critical Guide to the Malebranche Literature into 1989 by Patricia A. Easton, Thomas M. Lennon, and Gregor Sebba

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This bibliography consists of 936 numbered entries, with references to a far greater number of works. The first part covers works by Malebranche and consists of six sections on his collected works, selections from his works, his individual works, translations of his works, his correspondence, and the controversies into which he entered. The second part deals with works on Malebranche and consists of other bibliographical sources, biographical references, and studies. As a critical bibliography, this book contains not only references to reviews but also a brief critical assessment for most entries. An extensive index is included and much of the material is cross-referenced. Entries note when a work has been superseded and refer the reader to the more recent work.

Southern Illinois University, 1992.
ISBN: 9780809316038. 189 pp.
Softcover. Fine.