The Library of Apollodorus: Gods and Heroes of the Greeks

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The only work of its kind to survive from classical antiquity, the Library of Apollodorus is a unique guide to Greek mythology, from the origins of the universe to the Trojan War. Apollodorus' Library has been used as a source book by classicists from the time of its compilation in the 1st-2nd century BC to the present, influencing writers from antiquity to Robert Graves. It provides a complete history of Greek myth, telling the story of each of the great families of heroic mythology, & the various adventures associated with the main heroes & heroines, from Jason & Perseus to Heracles & Helen of Troy. As a primary source for Greek myth, as a reference work & as an indication of how the Greeks themselves viewed their mythical traditions, the Library is indispensable to all who have interest in classical mythology.

University of Massachusetts Press, 1986.
ISBN: 9780870232060. 310 pp.
Translated by Michael Simpson.
Illustrated by Leonard Baskin.
Softcover. Good+.
Spine faded.