Turning the Tide: The U.S. and Latin America by Noam Chomsky

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Noam Chomsky reveals the aim and impact of U.S. policy in Latin America by examining the historical record and current events. With this as backdrop, he also shows the connection between Latin American policy and broader nuclear and international politics and explains the logic and role of the Cold War for both superpowers. Finally, Chomsky looks at why we accept Reaganesque rhetoric in light of the role of the media and the intelligentsia in the numbing of our awareness. He concludes by describing what we can do to resist.

Turning the Tide is a succinct volume ideal for understanding the broad factors governing U.S. policy in Latin America, the role of the Cold War, and the role of the media and intellectuals with respect to each.

Black Rose Books, 1987.
ISBN: 9780920057919. 334 pp.
Second revised edition.
Softcover. Very good.