Polysexuality edited by François Peraldi

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Originally conceived as a special Semiotext(e) issue on homosexuality at the end of the 70s, "Polysexuality quickly evolved into a more complex and iconoclastic project whose intent was to do away with recognized genders altogether, considered far too limitative. The project landed somewhere between humor, anarchy, science-fiction, utopia and apocalypse. In the few years that it took to put it together, it also evolved from a joyous schizo concept to a darker, neo-Lacanian elaboration on the impossibility of sexuality. The tension between the two, occasionally perceptible, is the theoretical subtext of the issue.

Semiotext(e), 1995.
ISBN: 9781570270116. 300 pp.
Reprint of Semiotext(e) #10.
Originally published in 1981.
Softcover. Very good.