Picasso, My Grandfather by Marina Picasso

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This is a memoir of living in the shadow of the man whose family members were forced to call him "The Sun" -- the twentieth century's most famous painter who, in becoming so, dominated the lives of his wives, his children and his grandchildren -- as told by Marina Picasso, the granddaughter of Pablo Picasso and his first wife, Olga Khokhlova, a former Russian ballerina who remained married to him until her death.

While writers, artists and film stars were allowed into Picasso's orbit, he kept his family outside of it, not only in impoverished conditions but in terror of provoking his displeasure -- unable to carve lives and identities of their own. After years of being disdained by Picasso, first Marina's brother committed suicide and then Marina's father drank himself to death. Marina's own estrangement and subsequent breakdown followed, until at last, through grief and awakening, she came to terms with the blessings and curses of the Picasso legacy -- the result of which is in part this disturbing account of Pablo Picasso's private family life.

Riverhead Books, 2001.
ISBN: 9781573221917. 198 pp.
Hardcover. Near fine in a near fine jacket.