Welling by Margaret Christakos

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Margaret Christakos grew up "with hills, rock, lakes and short cuts" in Sudbury, Ontario, where winter was winter and summer was a fresh water lake called Ramsey. She left her home there on Wellington Heights for Toronto. From youth, to mothering, to writing, for Christakos living's fullness is also, inevitably, disembarking, leaving. "That's how paragraphs go / on the balls of their pink feet directly / into traffic." The movement is a continually sensuous welling--from pink, through purple, to blue. Purple is the colour of narrative, the middle place where the poet's well-honed attention to language and its deliberateness shapes well the pink lyric memory welling up out of the blue shadowy well of what's "in store."

Your Scrivener Press, 2010.
ISBN: 9781896350356. 90 pp.
Softcover. Fine.