Living in the World as if It Were Home: Essays by Tim Lilburn

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Written over a nine-year span, Living In The World As If It Were Home is a careful, exquisite look at the human desire to share a home with long grass, rivers, and stones, by poet Tim Lilburn. Lilburn's collection of essays plots the work required to roughly re-establish the conditions of Paradise; it explores the world of prairies rivers, aspen-covered sandhills, deer country, big lakes taking on their first ice in late October, the moon rising over chokecherry thickets, and asks: How to be here? There's nothing glib about the answer Lilburn offers as he says in one of his poems: The way back will be hard, ghost road through the rooms of sorrow/moon of contemplation on our backs.

Cormorant Books, 2002.
ISBN: 9781896951140. 135 pp.
Softcover. Fine.