Greek Metre by Paul Maas

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This is a comprehensive account of ancient Greek quantitative metre from its beginning to the seventh century A.D. An introductory chapter touches briefly on the nature of metre and the presumable development of Greek metre from Indo-European syllable-counting verse-forms, and then goes on to a detailed description of Greek prosody and a discussion of rhythm and some other general questions. The arrangement of the rest of the book is broadly chronological allowing a clearer overall view of historical trends and of the characteristics of versification at different periods than is given by the usual method of discussing each metrical category separately once and for all. The longest chapter is devoted to Drama. A short Appendix outlines the relationship between Greek and Latin metre.

Oxford, 1972.
ISBN: 9780198143307. 116 pp.
Translated by H. Lloyd-Jones.
Hardcover. Near fine in a near fine jacket.