The Secrets of Mind-Control by Swami Narayanananda

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Swami Narayanananda was a popular spiritual leader in Denmark, Germany, and his home country of India. He is said to have attained enlightenment or nirvana in 1933, and then wrote many books. He died in 1988. 

From the jacket: The book deals with the various aspects of mind-control and lays down methods to be adopted to achieve it. Chapters on Asana, Secrets of Mantra-Jap and how to do it, the necessity of symbols in meditation, Will-Power and how to gain it, Pranayama and Pitfalls and dangers will be found to be particularly illuminating ... Revered Swamiji says: 'Where there is life there is mind. And where there is mind there is the idea of pain and pleasure, life and death, and all the pairs of opposites.'

2nd Revised Edition. 
Rishikesh: N. K. Prasad & Company, 1959. 287 pp.
Hardcover. Good++. Some light stains and rippling.