Upcoming Events at Brown and Dickson

Tuesday Feb. 13, 7-9pm.

Join us for live poetry read by a group of diverse graduate students from Western University.

Graduate students from several different programs will read their work, in a variety of languages.

The public is welcome to attend and to share their work as well in a casual open mic setting.

Zero to a Million Decimals with Andrew Wenaus
Tuesday Feb. 19, 7-10pm Get Tickets

Just over a hundred years ago, the avant-garde shifted from art for art’s sake to art as lived experience and revolutionary gesture. The DADA movement was at the centre of all this. It was a movement motivated by disgust towards the bourgeoisie and its support of the Great War. The Dadaists in Zurich, Berlin, and New York wanted to disrupt and destroy every way of thinking that could lead to a hyper-rational technologized war. So, they waged a war on rationality and logic. DADA, Tristian Tzara wrote in his 1918 manifesto, signifies nothing and means “no thing.” A nihilistic stick-in-the-spokes for Enlightenment and Romantic ideals, DADA has a lasting legacy: from Surrealism, the advertising industry, the Situationist International, Yoko Ono, Andy Kaufman, Brother Theodore, and punks of London and New York. This is all good, apparently. But what do we make of the proliferation of Dank Memes and their simultaneous adoption by both progressives and the Alt-Right online? DADA has a presence as complex and pressing today as it was over a century ago. But at the core of it all is nihilism: DADA signifies nothing. Whereas Dada was the will to difference via destruction, alt-right dank memers adopted the same techniques but with a different ethos: the will to deception via destruction. What does this mean if we want to make sense out of being a subject in the early twenty-first century where meaning seems to be lost? How does signifying nothing work perfectly with algorithmic culture and this shift of the citizen to the consumer where leisure is labour and where capitalists no longer need to exploit the workers since they willingly exploit themselves in the name of optimization and accomplishment on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. To what degree is nihilism a coping mechanism as capitalism belches its last burps? Or, to what degree is a collective “signifying nothing” a calculated and manufactured attitude that helps maximize the consumer as a pure function of algorithmic functionality? In short, are we good bro? Weird flex, but OK? Or, should we start lighting our torches and sharpening our pitchforks?

ANDREW WENAUS is a musician, producer, and professor in the Department of English and Writing Studies at Western University and the School of Language and Liberal Studies at Fanshawe College. He has published articles in Science Fiction Studies, Electronic Book Review, Extrapolation, Foundation, The Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies, and Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts.

A Night for Book Lovers w Catherine Ross & Delilah Deane Cummings
Tue Mar 5, 7:00pm Get Tickets

Toni Morrison said, "Reading is solitary, but that's not its only life. It should have a talking life, a discourse that follows." Join Delilah Deane Cummings and Catherine Sheldrick Ross for an evening in which we share some research about reading for pleasure and invite participants to talk about a book that is special to them.

Delilah worked at London Public Library for many years, in the Children’s Library and in Community Outreach. One of the most appealing aspects of her work was the opportunity to talk with readers – of all ages – and exchange ideas about favourite books and authors. She loves reading–-and talking with other readers. Catherine has been involved for many years in a research program to understand pleasure reading from the perspective of the reader. Together Catherine and her graduate students at Western have interviewed over 300 avid readers to find out how they experience pleasure reading. These interviewed readers provided fascinating stories in response to such questions as: What was the first book you can remember from childhood that was either read to you or that you read yourself? How do you choose books for leisure reading? What is the role of pleasure reading in your life? Has there ever been a book that has made a big difference to you in one way or another? How do you feel about rereading? Do you enjoy alternate formats for reading such as eBooks and audiobooks? These interviews have provided material for research articles and two recent books: The Pleasures of Reading: A Booklover's Alphabet (2014) and Reading Still Matters (2018).

Join in the talk about books and reading. You will hear some insights from the reading research and you will also have a chance to share a book that is special to you and to hear what other readers say about pleasure reading.

DRFTR & Claire Coupland at Brown and Dickson Booksellers
Friday, March 15, 7–10pm Get Tickets

Claire Coupland

Claire's newest EP, "On The Other Side", features 5 emotion packed song driven arrangements. Highlights include the EP's single, Bound For Love, "a bouncy song with pitch perfect harmonies and sweet lyrics" (Canadian Beats), that searches for new beginnings, hope, and love within people and nature.


"Someone once wrote we should see earth as womb." That state of mind is immediate when I hear DRFTR sing. A call for hope, for empowerment, for love and forgiveness in his voice. In any kind of day that you may be looking at, I think his music can help."
- Sheldon Rooney


Lovely Past Events at (or sponsored by) Brown and Dickson

Bad Art Festivus 2018
Friday, December 21, 2018

LondonFuse in partnership with Brown & Dickson Booksellers and Forest City Gallery present…


Behold our holiday gift to you, London community!

Gaze in admiration upon some bad, bad art. Make some art of your own to give to loved ones at our crappy collage, cardmaking table. Take a photo at our photo booth to show off your status as a patron of wonderful garbage. Enjoy an exquisitely awful program of live performances.

And of course, grab a drink at the cash bar and chow down on some holiday goodies!

For just $10 (at the door), a truly magical holiday experience can be yours. Join us at Forest City Gallery starting at 5:00pm, and while the party ends at 10:30pm, the spirit of Bad Art Festivus continues all year round.

And if you fancy yourself an artiste of any sort, please submit your pieces to Bad Art Festivus here by Dec 14th:

Let us come together, revel in holiday spirit, and air all grievances. As Santa himself says, “Ha ha ha! Happy Bad Art Festivus to all, and to all an 8-hour playlist of Jingle Cats!”

This is a fundraiser for LondonFuse and all profits will go directly into our programs and community initiatives. So let’s get TERRIBLE London!

Booksellers note: we were pleased to be asked to continue our sincere support of this very important event. Jason was able to read his awful story The Night Harvester's Christmas, and Vanessa read something we can't really explain.

Jenny Berkel and Luka Live In Shop!
Saturday, Dec. 8, 2018, 7–11:30pm

Join us for another intimate show at Brown & Dickson. Tickets are $15 and are limited to 20 seats, so make sure you grab your admission in advance at the ticket link.

After party in-store! With the musicians!

LUKA is nylon string poet-crooner Luke Kuplowsky and his gentle rock n' rollers. In their first two albums, Calling All Cats Black (2013), and Summon Up a Monkey King (2016), Kuplowsky has developed a vocal and lyrical style of opposites: deadpan spoken-word delivery transitions into a rich melodic tenor; poetic musings fall alongside conversational and plain-spoken observations. His latest work What Kind of Animal (2017) was recorded live in a single session and showcases eight poetic works that unravel questions of self-doubt, companionship, integrity and faith amidst sonic extremes of patient stillness and careening noise.

// Jenny Berkel
Since releasing her debut album, Canadian singer-songwriter Jenny Berkel has been captivating listeners with her evocative songs. A poet at heart, Berkel’s rich voice shapes her lyrics into songs that are at once gentle and hard-hitting. Her most recent album, Pale Moon Kid, was released in 2016 to critical acclaim. Reviewers praised the album for its poetry, emotive storytelling, and dream-like ability to mesmerize listeners.

John Muirhead Single Release wsg CAMIE
Friday, Nov.16, 2018, 7–10pm

Come celebrate the release of John Muirhead's new single "I Can Sleep Anywhere" with an intimate acoustic performance at Brown & Dickson! With special opening set by CAMIE.

All Ages
Refreshments provided
Space is very limited! We recommend you buy tickets in advance.