Forest City Killer Links

*IMPORTANT UPDATE* is broken! Click here for access to the forums I downloaded  in pdf format before the site crashed.  None of the below links currently work. 

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Here are some links to active sleuth communities working on unsolved cases that may be connected to the Forest City Killer. 

I know that pages full of links are usually pretty useless, but the search function on Unsolved Canada doesn't work very well, so I thought in this case it might actually be helpful. I've included links to the cases below for further reading and conversation. If you start a Reddit or other conversation thread about any of these cases, send me the link and I'll post it here. 


Georgia Jackson on Unsolved Canada

Jacqueline Dunleavy on Unsolved Canada

Jacqueline Dunleavy on The True Crime Files

Frankie Jensen on Unsolved Canada

Scott Leishman on Unsolved Canada

Helga Beer on Unsolved Canada

Lynda White on Unsolved Canada

Lynda White on Websleuths

Bruce Stapylton on Unsolved Canada

Jackie English on Unsolved Canada

Soraya O'Connell on Unsolved Canada

Donna Awcock on Unsolved Canada


Here are some other cases you might want to research that are not included in the book, and deserve further investigation. I'm happy to add to this list if you want to email me!

Susan Cadieux

Lynne Harper

Margaret Sheeler

Sylvia Fink

Robert James Brown

Cindy Halliday

Veronica Kaye

Lizzie Tomlinson

Robert James Brown

Debbie Silverman

Christine Jessop

Dianna Singh

Cheryl Hanson

Yvonne Leroux

Geraldine Pickford

Amber Carrie Potts-Jaffary

Patricia Lupton