Hey there, sleuth...

Hey there, sleuth. My book, The Forest City Killer, will be published on October 4th, 2019. I'm actively seeking tips on the case. Please email me at info@forestcitykiller.com with information about any case that may be related to FCK.

If you have a password, the links below will lead you to content that didn't make it into the book. Each page is password protected. I hope you'll discuss what you see in the comments, or create threads on Reddit or other platforms to take the investigation to another level. Please link your discussion threads in the comments here if they are off site so we can all join in.

Please note that the content here is a reflection of my access to materials, not a reflection of the importance of each case. Every murder victim deserves justice.


Bonus Content Pages: 

Jackie English

The Other Victims

Georgia Jackson & David Bodemer

Betty Harrison & Glen Fryer

The Fires

If you have an issue with any of the images in the bonus content, please email me. I'm happy to take it down or make sure it is credited properly. 



If you'd like to read further, the best place to start is with the community at Unsolved Canada. I've created a page of links to good online resources. If you have more to add, email me and I'll include them on the list!

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