Danse Macabre by Stephen King

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Danse Macabere is his analysis of horror--as "a moving, rhythmic search...for...the place where we live at our most primitive level." But it is much more. For the first time, Stephen King establishes a dialogue with the thousands of fans who've wondered about his strange control over a basically uncontrollable emotion. How can he do it? What were the internal and external influences on his writing? What channeled a natural writing talent into this distillation of fear?

King answers these and other questions in a style as readable and as compelling as used in any of his novels. This book is a unique one; a colloquium, autobiography, and critical evaluation of films. TV programs, and books which shaped his career and perhaps altered the tastes of readers the world over.

Everest House Publishers, 1981.
ISBN: 0896960765. 400 pp.
First edition.