Island of the Blessed: the Secrets of Egypt's Everlasting Oasis by Harry Thurston

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Island of the Blessed follows the footsteps of a Canadian-led international team of archaeologists as they penetrate the Sahara to unlock the secrets of Egypt’s “everlasting oasis” -- Dakhleh. This fertile island in a sea of sand has been home to humans for almost half a million years. Archaeologists are using high-tech methods to decipher humankind’s prehistory and have unearthed a perfect Old Kingdom town, replete with palaces and temples from the Golden Age of ancient Egypt, a stunning cache of mummies, a Roman-era archive of 10,000 papyri, and the world’s two oldest books.

Doubleday Canada, 2003.
ISBN: 9780385259699. 388 pp.
Hardcover. Fine in a fine jacket.