On The Natural Faculties by Galen

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If the work of Hippocrates be taken as representing the foundation upon which the edifice of historical Greek medicine was reared, then the work of Galen, who lived some six hundred years later, may be looked upon as the summit of the same edifice. He was born in Pergamum A.D. 129, and both there and in other academic centres of the Aegean pursued his medical studies before being appointed physician to the Pergamene gladiators in 157. Becoming dissatisfied with this type of practice he emigrated to Rome, where he soon won acknowledgement as the foremost medical authority of his time and where, with one brief interruption, he remained until his death in 199.

Harvard University Press / William Heinemann, 1979.
ISBN: 9780434990719. 339 pp.
Translation by Arthur John Brock.
Loeb Classical Library, 71.
Hardcover. Very good in a very good jacket.
Some spotting to fore-edge.