Tragedy And Theory: The Problem Of Conflict Since Aristotle by Michelle Gellrich

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Michelle Gellrich engages debates about the relationship between literature and theory by analyzing responses of theorists in the Western tradition to tragic conflict. Isolating the centrality of conflict in twentieth-century definitions of tragedy, Professor Gellrich discusses the efforts of modern critics to locate in Aristotle's Poetics the origins of this focus on agon. Through a study of ethical and political ideas formative of the Poetics, she demonstrates why Aristotle and his Renaissance and Neoclassical beneficiaries exclude conflict from their accounts of tragedy. The agonistic element, the book argues, first emerges in dramatic criticism in nineteenth-century Romantic theories of the sublime and, more influentially, in Hegel's lectures on drama and history.

Princeton University Press, 1988.
ISBN: 9780691067384. 293 pp.
Hardcover. Near fine in a near fine jacket.