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Orpheus Emerged by Jack Kerouac


There will never be a moment like this one," says poet and fellow Beat writer Robert Creeley, in his introduction to this literary event: the first full-length work to be published since Kerouac's death in 1969. Discovered by his estate, Orpheus Emerged chronicles the passions, conflicts and dreams of a group of bohemians searching for truth while studying at a university.Kerouac wrote the story shortly after meeting Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Lucien Carr, and others in and around Columbia University who would form the core of the Beats. Orpheus Emerged is a unique portrait of an artist as a young man and shows a writer in the process of finding the voice that would eventually express the spirit of a generation. The book comes with a CD-Rom (Win/Mac compatible) of the critically acclaimed and bestselling ebook version, which includes rare photographs of Kerouac, an audio reading, documentary video, and hundreds of interactive links, all offering a window into the world of Kerouac.

I Books: 2002.
ISBN: 9780743434843. 176 pp.
Hardcover, Very good. 

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