A Youth in Babylon: Confessions of a Trash-Film King by David F. Friedman

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They sold sin & sensation with the magic words "Uncut! Uncensored! Adults Only!" & the most happily shameless of them all was David F. Friedman, the emperor of exploitation films. He perfected the fine art of sleaze & delightfully admits that he has hurled more garbage at the public than anyone else before or since. This book is as much his story as it's the history of an idea that in recent times has enjoyed a remarkable rebirth. He writes with gusto of the glory days when there were taboos to be broken & untold amounts of money to be made. He fondly remembers his cinematic forebears, who sold titillation under the guise of moral instruction. He brought the genre to new highs & lows, producing such films as She Freak, Blood Feast, The Defilers, Scum of the Earth, Space Thing, Color Me Blood Red & the classic 2000 Maniacs. Whether sexy, gory or merely shocking, these films played for years to packed theatres & drive-ins. This book captures the core of basic integrity, the wicked sense of humor & the unerring sense of showmanship of this American original.

Prometheus Books, 1990.
ISBN: 9780879756086. 355 pp.
Hardcover. Very good in a very good jacket.