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Little bit know something by Robin Ridington


"In the experience of many native people, anthropologists come and go as fast as intellectual fads do among anthropologists themselves. Robin Ridington offers us exceptions to both these forms of expediency."—American Anthropologist

The Dunne-za, the Beaver Indians of British Columbia, say that people who speak from the authority of their experience "little bit know something." This knowledge, which comes through direct experience, dreaming, and the searing transformation of the vision quest, empowers a person to live in this world with intelligence and understanding.

In this sensitive, insightful volume, drawn from over twenty-five years' experience with the Dunne-za Indians, Ridington advocates his unique language of anthology—and in so doing he communicates the themes of cultural and individual knowledge, visionary empowerment, shamanic transformation, and the dialogic basis of ethnographic authority within the evolving context of a humanistic cultural anthropology.

Vancouver, B.C. : Douglas & McIntyre: 1990.
ISBN: 9780888946812. pp.
Paperback. Very good.

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