Surrealist Experiences: 1001 Dawns, 221 Midnights by Penelope Rosemont

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Focused on fortuitous encounters and their many-sided magic, Rosemont in these essays explores the importance of play, the affinities of alchemy and anarchy, poetry in the comics, the revolutionary significance of a fairy tale, the game of Time-Travelers' Potlatch, and the future of surrealism. Surrealist Experiences is Penelope Rosemont's first book of articles and essays. It includes nearly two dozen texts originally published in surrealist journals from 1970 through the '90s, plus eleven that appear here for the first time. One of the few Americans welcomed into the Surrealist Movement in Paris by Andre Breton, the author has been a force in surrealism since the 1960s as a painter, photographer, and collagist.

Black Swan Press, 1999.
ISBN: 9780941194433. 194 pp.
With reproductions of works by the author.
Foreword by Rikki Ducornet.
Softcover. Near fine.