Pomerol by Neal Martin

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Three years in the making, "Pomerol" is the definitive book on one of Bordeaux's least known appellations. Authored by Neal Martin, founder of Wine-Journal and presently a contributor to The Wine Advocate, it is a personal portrayal that seeks to convey the spirit of Pomerol both past and present. Within its pages readers can discover the real name of Jean-Pierre Moueix and what transpired on Jean-Claude Berrouet's first day working for him; the courage of Gabrielle de Sauvanelle during the Revolution; the untold story of "Domaine de Mautretat" and whose vineyards Alexendre Thienpont once mistakenly picked. The book features a detailed analysis of the history and viticulture of Pomerol, plus a new perspective on its terroir; forty-three in-depth profiles of Pomerol estates with a wealth of information hitherto unpublished; interviews with all the major proprietors and winemakers including amongst others: Jean-Claude Berrouet, Denis Durantou, Jacques Guinaudeau, Christian Moueix, Michel Rolland and Alexandre Thienpont; vertical tastings conducted especially for this book; a 100-page "A-Z of Pomerol" detailing almost 400 crus, past and present; and more.

Wine Journal Publishing, 2012.
ISBN: 9780957430204. 591 pp.
Edition limited to 3000 copies.
Hardcover. Fine.