100 Miles Of Baseball by Dale Jacobs

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By the end of the 2016 season, Heidi and Dale Jacobs both finally admitted to themselves and to each other that they were losing interest in the Tigers and, consequently, in baseball itself--a thread that had not only connected the two of them, but brought them together with their families and with their own histories as well. They weren't sure what they were missing, but they had an idea where it might be found: in their own backyard. Drawing a radius of one hundred miles around their home in Windsor, Ontario, Heidi and Dale set a goal of seeing fifty games within that circle in one summer, a schedule that took them across southwestern Ontario and into Michigan and Ohio, from bleachers behind high schools, to manicured university turf, to the steep concrete stands of major league parks. 100 Miles of Baseball is the story of their rediscovery of their love of the game--and with it their relationships, and the region in which they call home.

Biblioasis: 2020.
ISBN: 9781771963909. 304 pp.
Softcover. Near fine.