Hiroshige: One Hundred Views of Edo by Mikhail Uspensky

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Modern Tokyo bears little resemblance to the city Ando Hiroshige depicted in One Hundred Views of Edo. In the late 1850s Edo, which became Tokyo in 1868, was already one of the world's largest metropolitan areas. Even then, densely built-up areas alternated with the gardens of mansions and monasteries. Warehouses and commercial districts sat alongside rice paddies and fishing grounds. For nineteenth-century provincial Japan, Edo was the centre from which fashion, fascinating rumours and innumerable innovations were borne and disseminated. A visit to the capital was an exciting event; memories could be enhanced by souvenirs purchased there, particularly the woodblock prints of the One Hundred Views of Edo series which recorded the sights and daily life of the Japanese capital in all its rich variety.

Sirrocco, 2006.
ISBN: 9781904310167. 255 pp.
Hardcover. Fine in a fine jacket.