Where Have You Been Bobby Marr? by Morris Dalla Costa

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Bob Marr had been through a great deal in his young life. A Canadian, raised in Texas, he was a Vietnam War hero. A heavily-decorated veteran of the famous 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, he survived life-threatening injuries losing an eye and almost an arm to a rocket-propelled grenade. He left the hell of Vietnam physically and mentally broke, but he was finally home. He just wanted to make a normal life for himself. Yet here he was was, lying handcuffed to a hospital bed with a hole in his back from a police bullet and good chance that his final destination would be death row. How did things go so wrong/ His mind was spinning with images of the shoutout Viet Cong soldiers jumping out from behind trees and the shattered bodies of the men he tried to put together as a field medic in the Vietnam jungle. What was happening in his head? If he lived beyond his 21 years, Marr would not have an easy ride in years to come. 

Dreaming Big Publications, 2021. 
ISBN: 9798480392494. 221 pp. 
Softcover. New.