Hogtown Empire: The Disappearance of Ambrose Small by Geordie Telfer

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Hogtown Empire is the true-crime adventure story of Ambrose Small and his wife, Theresa. The Smalls were wealthy entertainment impresarios who owned a prominent chain of theatres in southern Ontario. On December 2, 1919, they banked a cheque for $1 million, a down-payment on the sale of their theatrical empire. That night, as dusk fell, Ambrose disappeared into the darkness and was never seen again. What happened? Was he murdered? Did he disappear of his own volition? No body was ever found and he took none of the money. Join the hunt in tracking down answers and new clues. Hogtown Empire brings together years of research and unearths old documents not seen in public for years. It includes interviews with handwriting experts, psychics, private detectives, writers, musicians, and descendants of key players in the real-life mystery.