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The Man with the Black Valise by John Goddard

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"I heartily recommend this book. A gripping read of violence and intrigue, epitomizing the Southwestern Ontario Gothic sensibility." -- Vanessa Brown

One glorious autumn day in 1894, a drifter attacked thirteen-year-old Jessie Keith so violently that people thought Jack the Ripper must be loose in rural Ontario. To solve the crime, the government called in Detective John Wilson Murray, the true-life model for Detective William Murdoch of the popular TV show Murdoch Mysteries. His prime clue was a black valise. 

The Man with the Black Valise traces the killer's trajectory through three counties, a route that today connects travellers to poignant reminders of nine-tenth-century life. Chief among them stands the statiue of the Roman Goddess of Flora, gesutring as though to cast roses onto Jessie's grave.