Photograph Album partly of London Y.M.C.A. Summer Camp Orendaga near Bayfield, Ontario

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Includes personal photographs from London Y.W.C.A. Camp Orendaga (near Bayfield). 2 photos of the Orendaga lodge (with group photo on steps), campers gathered together for a study, camper portraits in front of tents, group photo of the 1938 campers (close-up, again in front of lodge), a wide photo of campers in tents (7 tents depicted), a camp gathering in 1940, as well as other subjects, mainly of family outings and in backyard (with rhubarb garden) including family picnics, Lake Huron excursions (including a lovely shot of the runaway to lake), cottages, a boy scout, an Empire day portrait, a family birthday party, a child with buggy and doll, miniature automobile, a fishing trip, a tramp, merry-go-round, and various trips to parks and local day-trip spots.

1938. 58 b&w photographs in total. Very Good. Spiral binding.