Mal Arme: Letter Drop III by Victor Coleman

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With art by Paul Collins. MAL ARME represents the third stage of a series of Oulipian books that started with LETTER DROP (2000), continued with MI SING (Book Thug 2004), and concludes with The Occasional Troubadour (2010). The first three volumes each consist of 26 Lipograms, lettered A thru Z, wherein the A poems have no As, the B poems have no Bs, etc. The first book excavated an assortment of texts ranging from the 1928 edition (the 9th) of Sir Morell MacKenzie's Hygiene of the Vocal Organs to such fictions as Tom Swift and His House on Wheels. MI SING reverts to a single text for its sources and inspiration: Marcel Proust's Remembrance of Things Past. The current text plays close attention to the prose writings of Stephane Mallarme in translation.

Bookthug, 2009.
ISBN: 9781897388297. 57 pp.
Limited signed edition of 50.
Includes print signed by Collins.
Softcover. Fine.