How it Works 

Members are special clients. You'll get first dibs on new stock, sales, and events via our email list. We track your cash purchases, and each January you'll get a 10% credit added to your balance.

That's the really big deal: members have a balance at the shop. When you buy a book, give us your info and we'll see if you have any credit to use. We'll track your balance for you, so you don't have to worry about losing a little paper card in your wallet. You can add to your credit by trading books, getting gifts from friends and family, bonus credit from us (another perk), and by straight up buying it if you want to set yourself a budget. 

Use your membership to buy gift certificates for friends and family without even coming down to the store. Just get in touch and we'll transfer some of your balance over to them!

We'll also match any additions made to your balance by friends or family when they give a gift to you, whether it's your birthday, a religious holiday, or back-to-school. That means a $20 gift has a $40 value!

Perhaps you knew that we bought new books for cash, but did you know that you can trade? Trade in your old books and you'll increase your membership balance! We love old books and, as a customer, you already have an idea of what we like to sell. Bring in your old friends and make some new ones. We'll keep your balance safe in perpetuity, so you can top it up, let it sit, or spend it the second you have a dime saved.

Add funds to your Membership Balance, or gift the gift of books to a friend or family member. Fill out the form upon purchase so we can make sure the right person gets your funds. Birthday gifts will be matched by our shop, so you’ll get double the amount!

To become a member just sign up for an account at Brown and Dickson here!