Theogony and Works and Days by Hesiod and Elegies of Theognis

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Hesiod, who lived in Boetia in the late 8th century BCE, is one of the oldest known of Greek poets. His Theogony contains a systematic genealogy of the gods from the beginning of the world & an account of the struggles of the Titans. In contrast, Works & Days is a compendium of moral & practical advice on husbandry, throwing unique light on archaic Greek society. As well as offering the earliest known sources for the myths of Pandora, Prometheus & the Golden Age, his poetry provides a valuable account of the ethics & superstitions of the society in which he lived. Unlike Homer, Hesiod writes about himself & his family. He stands out as the 1st personality in European literature. This new translation, by a leading expert on the Hesiodic poems combines accuracy with readability. It's accompanied by an introduction & explanatory notes.

Theognis of Megara (6th century BCE) was an ancient Greek poet. More than half of the extant elegiac poetry of Greece before the Alexandrian period is included in the 1,400 verses ascribed to Theognis.

Penguin Classics, 1976.
ISBN: 9780140442830. 170 pp.
Introduction by Dorothea Wender.
Softcover. Very good.
Small scuff to back cover.