Clark Blaise Papers: First Accession and Second Accession compiled by Marlys Chevrefils

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Born in North Dakota of English- and French-Canadian parents, educated in schools from Florida to Saskatchewan and Montreal, married to a Bengali-born writer, resident at various times of Canada, the United States, and India, Clark Blaise ideally fulfills the role of the outsider or, in the title words of his latest book, the "resident alien." His fiction, like his life, is characterized by these kinds of dualities and overlappings, and his six works to date reflect a versatility with form that renders the distinction between short story, novel, and autobiography quite meaningless. The Clark Blaise Papers documents the growth of this internationally acclaimed writer, and catalogues source material for the student of contemporary Canadian fiction. A significant addition to the Canadian Archival Inventory Series, the volume also includes a scholarly and perceptive biocritical essay by Dr. Catherine Ross of the University of Western Ontario.

University of Calgary Press, 1991.
ISBN: 9780919813793. 585 pp.
Edited by Jean F. Tener and Apollonia Steele.
Biocritical essay, Catherine Ross.
Softcover. Very good.