The Betrayal of Anne Frank: A Cold Case Investigation by Rosemary Sullivan

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Using new technology, recently discovered documents and sophisticated investigative techniques, an international team—led by an obsessed former FBI agent—has finally solved the mystery that has haunted generations since World War II: Who betrayed Anne Frank and her family? And why? The Betrayal of Anne Frank: A Cold Case Investigation is the team’s riveting story.

Over thirty million people have read The Diary of a Young Girl, the journal kept by the teenaged Anne Frank while living in an attic with her family in Amsterdam during World War II, until they were sent to their deaths by the Nazis. But despite the many works—journalism, biographies, plays and novels—devoted to Anne’s story, none has conclusively explained how the Franks and four other people managed to hide undetected for over two years, and who or what finally brought the Nazis to their door.

With painstaking care, former FBI agent Vincent Pankoke and a team of indefatigable investigators pored over tens of thousands of pages of documents—some never before seen—and interviewed scores of descendants of the people involved, both Nazi sympathizers and resisters, who were familiar with the Franks. Utilizing methods developed by the FBI, the cold case team painstakingly pieced together the months leading up to the Franks’ arrest—and came to a shocking conclusion.

HarperCollins Publishers: 2022.
ISBN: 9781443463041. 400 pp.
Hardcover. Very good.