Glenn Piano by Gladdys Priddis by Jason Dickson

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Glenn Piano by Gladys Priddis is the biography of a 19th Century Canadian woman whose doctor is, unknown to her, a criminal practitioner of surgery. Their relationship, told through prose narration and poetry, exposes both her deep love and his deadly deceit. Intended to be a vindication of him as a physician, her story instead reveals that he is a quack, an impostor, and a murderer, and ultimately reveals a love that is horrific. The story of a woman seduced into the world of Canadian medicine at a time when only half of the practicing doctors were licensed, Glenn Piano by Gladys Priddis reveals her own history, the history of her city, the fatal trappings of her heart and mind, and the history of the strange man she was in love with and to whom she was devoted until her death.

Book*hug Press, 2010.
ISBN: 9781897388532. 80 pp.
Softcover. New.