Lake of Two Mountains by Arleen Paré

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A hymn to a beloved lake, a praise poem in forty- five parts, a contemplation of landscape and memory. Lake of Two Mountains, Arleen Pare's second poetry collection, is a portrait of a lake, of a relationship to a lake, of a network of relationships around a lake. It maps, probes and applauds the riparian region of central Canadian geography that lies between the Ottawa and the St. Lawrence Rivers. The poems portray this territory, its contested human presences and natural history: the 1990 Oka Crisis, Pleistocene shifts and dislocations, the feather-shaped Ile Cadieux, a Trappist monastery on the lake's northern shore. As we are drawn into the experience of the lake and its environs, we also enter an intricate interleaving of landscape and memory, a reflection on how a place comes to inhabit us even as we inhabit it.

Brick Books, 2014.
ISBN: 9781926829876. 83 pp.
Softcover. Near fine.