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Nineteen Lines: A Drawing Center Writing Anthology edited by Lytle Shaw

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Nineteen Lines is an exceptional collection of poetry and prose from The Drawing Center's noted Line Reading series. This 336-page volume was edited by the Line Reading series curator, Lytle Shaw, and features the work of: Ammiel Alcalay, John Ashbery, Charles Bernstein, Anselm Berrigan, Christian Bok, Regis Bonvicino, Lee Ann Brown, Joao Cabral de Melo Neto, Jeff Clark, Tina Darragh, Alan Davies, Kevin Davies, Tim Davis, Jean Day, Adam DeGraff, Jeff Derksen, Buck Downs, Johanna Drucker, Marcella Durand, Kenward Elmslie, Dan Farrell, Rob Fitterman, Ben Friedlander, Renee Gladman, Kenny Goldsmith, Nada Gordon & Gary Sullivan, Carla Harryman, Lyn Hejinian, Susan Howe, Erica Hunt, Alison Knowles, David Larsen, Rachel Levitsky, Tan Lin, Jackson Mac Low, Bill Luoma, Ben Marcus, Bernadette Mayer, Emily McVarish, Ange Mlinko, Jennifer Moxley, Eileen Myles, Maureen Owen, Tom Raworth, Lisa Robertson, Rod Smith, Juliana Spahr, Brian Kim Stefans, Lynne Tillman, Edwin Torres, Cecilia Vicuna, Lewis Warsh, Barrett Watten, Marjorie Welish, and Kevin Young.

Roof Books, 2017.
ISBN: 9781931824255. 333 pp.
Softcover. Near fine.

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