Everybody Wins (Except for the Losers) by Steve Murphy

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Everybody Wins (Except for the Losers) is a day in the life story of one independent record stores employees, customers and visiting musicians. Andy Scott runs the record store of his dreams - Snap Crackle Pops Records. As long as his employees: Rachel, Justin and Nickolas don’t screw everything up; the suppliers don’t miss deadlines; the musicians, including recent Reality TV contestant Jaz show up and, nobody gets into a fight; this could be the most memorable Record Store Day ever. As a longtime musician, Murphy gives readers an insiders glimpse behind the curtain in his first novelette. An intimate, funny and emotional glimpse into the obsessive world of vinyl record collecting, and a compassionate tale of chasing your dreams. All this brought to life with Steve's delicate, effective prose and illustrations.

Steve Murphy, 2018.
ISBN: 9781983201004. 85 pp.
Softcover. New.