Modal Syllogistics in the Middle Ages by Henrik Lagerlund

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This book presents the first study of the development of the theory of modal syllogistic in the Middle Ages. It traces the theory from the first medieval commentators on Aristotle's Prior Analytics to the end of the Middle Ages. In the book, several previously unstudied texts are analysed and the works of philosophers like Robert Kilwardby, Albert the Great, Richard of Campsall, William of Ockham, John Buridan, Pseudo-Scotus, Albert of Saxony, Marsilius of Inghen and Jodocus Trutfetter are studied. These authors' views on modal syllogistics are shown to comprise important insights clarifying central issues with implications for medieval philosophy in general. The book will be of particular interest to historians of medieval philosophy and logic, but also to anyone interested in the history of logic and Aristotelian philosophy.

Brill: 2000.
ISBN: 9789004116269. 261 pp.
Hardcover. Good+.