The Bloomsday Book: A Guide through Joyce's Ulysses by Harry Blamires

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This is a page-by-page guide to Ulysses designed to help the student and the general reader to find their way quickly about Joyce’s formidable novel. The guide will enable someone approaching Joyce for the first time to reach an understanding of Ulysses which, without help, it might have taken him several readings to arrive at.

The Bloomsday Book springs from the author’s conviction that Ulysses is the major imaginative work in English prose of the present century. His skilful condensation and elucidation of this difficult but fascinating novel is a notable achievement: he has written a persuasive and readable book, which smooths a path through the thickets of Ulysses and at the same time conveys a real sense of Joyce’s overall design.

Methuen, 1970.
275 pp.
Softcover. Very good.